Strategic Solutions

Strategic Solutions

for a sustainable planet

Our Work


We are sustainability consultants, researchers and educators. We specialise in challenges relating to common resources that affect our environment and society and require multi-sector analysis and holistic approach.

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We believe that together we can build a world that is personally fulfilling, socially just, and environmentally sustainable.

We help build a sustainable world by creating collaborative platforms that allow for the participation of organizations from all sectors.

earth&us exists to protect and serve our common resources – air, water, soil and other essential resources to ensure that life in all its diversity and beauty sustains in future. We do this to reduce unnecessary suffering for all sentient beings (all beings able to perceive or feel things). At earth&us, we come to work every day because we are passionate about the environment and we walk the talk in terms of our commitment toward a sustainable lifestyle.

Our work involves awareness and education on environmental sustainability; provision of basic needs in a sustainable way and information dissemination that leads to behaviour change. We use technology, systems thinking, rapid prototyping and innovation as levers in our projects. We are convinced that responsible use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Block Chain and Drones will play a critical role in solving the most pressing problems that the planet and humanity face today.

We engage with institutions and corporates on a variety of assignments including consulting, research and development, awareness and behaviour change initiatives and technology based solutions to serve the commons and promote environmental sustainability. Invariably, our work leads to a positive social impact.

We work with corporates through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects on environmental sustainability and behaviour change. We have impacted 200,000 children through such initiatives with corporates.

We are 80G and 12A certified and tax exempt under Auroville Foundation.

We deliver commercial assignments through earth&us Services Ltd.

Current Projects

Project Puchki is an initiative to create awareness for sustainable living and environmental issues among school children at the grass-root level. It focuses in areas of Water Conservation, Soil Conservation and Menstrual Hygiene Management. Support Us to advocate the idea of sustainable living in our society.

The Sustainable Happiness Workshop enables beings to experience proven techniques for long-term happiness. We share simple but effective ways to boost well-being and explore the true roots of happiness. Happiness is a skill we can all learn, so contact us to bring joy to your organisation.

Impactwala is a comprehensive rating system that will provide information to consumers enabling them to create impact with informed choices at the point of decision making. Collaborate with us to minimise environmental impacts of consumerism.


At earth&us, we are passionate about implementing creative sustainable solutions for the planet with finite resources.
We strive to protect the commons. This is the thread that binds us together as a team. It is the roof under which our diverse range of projects reside.
Our projects encourage a re-evaluation of what we need to be happy, to inculcate a practice of sharing, to examine what we are consuming and how it affects the planet.
At earth&us, we practice as much as possible what we preach and that is how we have been able to spark behaviour change towards a more sustainable world.


earth&us is located in Auroville, a universal township in South India. Auroville is an eco-village inspired by teachings of Sri Aurobindo on integral yoga. The vision of Auroville is enshrined in its Charter which promotes human unity, no ownership, unending education and material and spiritual researches. Auroville has residents from 49 countries and has become a hub for applied research in sustainable living.
earth&us seeks inspiration from this eco-system and uses this platform to experiment with innovative ideas that can be scaled for impact.

The Team

We are a tribe of driven human beings. The tribe that doesn’t shy away from experimenting, from trying out new things to produce progressive results. We dare to aim high. New ideas drive our passion to find unique sustainable solutions. We are hungry for innovation; We are passionate about saving our planet. For us less is more.