Workshops that enable beings to achieve sustained fulfillment

We conduct happiness workshops for corporates over a period of one to two days.

Our endeavour is to enable the participants to move from momentary pleasures to lasting bliss through simple adaptable techniques and gradually building enabling living patterns.

It is our belief that happier beings will make the world a better place to live in!

Happiness Workshop Brochure & FAQs

Happiness Workshop for Eaton Power Quality

earth&us conducted a Happiness Workshop for 150 staff members and management employees of Eaton Power Quality, Pondicherry.


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Happiness Workshop Bhopal

Team earth&us conducted a one-day workshop for Rajya Anand Sansthan in Bhopal. The sansthan has been set up by Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan to promote happiness in the state and establish a prototype for the rest of the country to follow.

The workshop was attended by 38 participants hailing from myriad professional backgrounds including directors and consultants at Rajya Anand Sansthan, psychologists, college lecturers, school teachers, social workers and students.

It was a wonderful experience for Team earth&us as well as the participants!


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Student Happiness and Stress Management Workshop

earth&us conducted 3 one day workshops on happiness and stress management at Govt. Rajeev Gandhi P. G. College. It was attended by 150 participants and included both students and faculty. The workshop was the first of its kind in the region and was very well received.

The workshop was conducted as part of the statewide initiative on happiness under Anand Mantralaya.


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Happiness sessions with Living Routes participants

Minhaj Ameen was lead faculty for a J Term programme with university students from USA for 5 years. The programme was held Sadhana Forest in Auroville. Integral to the programme were the sessions on the science and philosophy of happiness and learning how to be happier.

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Happiness sessions in Auroville

Happiness is an important aspect of our lives. We are all seeking happiness. We are striving to earn more money. We are spending more to lead better lifestyles. We are consuming more day after day but are we really becoming happier? Our goals are often not sync in with the tiny habits that dwell deep within us. It is here that the key to altering our actions favourably lies.

We endeavour to kindle young minds through platforms like Swadharma, a month long self discovery course in Auroville, to discover the concept of Happiness.

Happiness Workshop FAQs


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