PlasticWala: Different Types of Plastic

#PlasticWala Before we can effectively and collectively curb the menace of plastic use, it is important to understand the complexity of plastics we are all using! The first step in this process is to identify the type of plastic and understand whether or not it is safe for use! Moreover, if the [...]

PlasticWala: The Quantum

Plastic. Who can escape the ever expanding tentacles of this demon? It’s everywhere around us and aren’t we all just tired of listening to the same old voice asking us to stop using plastic? We are so tired that we’ve become ignorant. We have shut our eyes hoping that on the day we open them, [...]

The Curious Case of Palm Oil

Whenever I do not have screens to distract me, I get this compulsion to read everything that I can get my hands on. Whether it is me sitting on a toilet seat and reading information on soap bottles or  on my breakfast table staring at the jar of chocolate spread; there is this one recurring [...]

The ‘EPR’ Impact

Whenever I am dealing with municipal solid waste management related issues, waste reduction is my topmost strategic approach. Particularly, waste that is easily avoidable and most harmful for the environment. Plastic bottles fall in this category and consumers are generally unaware of their [...]

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