Rain Water Harvesting – Project Pravah

Access to water in rural and remote households is a big challenge in India. In collaboration with the Govt. of Meghalaya, we have pioneered an approach that begins with installing rainwater harvesting systems at schools in water strained communities. The installation is accompanied by extensive awareness and training for school staff and parents on operating and maintaining the system. Local workforce is employed to enhance technical skills in the region. It is expected that the villagers will soon start making rainwater harvesting provisions in their homes when they see the school system working well. A similar initiative has started in Tripura through CSR funding.

Project Pravah aligns itself with the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Education for all) framework, directing all states to provide basic infrastructure facilities such as clean drinking water and toilets in schools.

This initiative is in collaboration with Biome Foundation, Bangalore.


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