We do not cycle for others, we cycle for ourselves

We do not cycle for saving the planet, for the Mother Nature. Who are we to save the profound Nature? We need the planet. The planet does not need us.

We cycle for ourselves. Cycling makes us happy. It integrates time for physical exercise in our busy routine. Cycling makes us experience the breeze on our face. Cycling makes the body in which we live come alive. And  through the joy of cycling, we realise we are nature. It has our Self.

There is no “nature” out there. There is nature “in here”. The essence of the planet and us are one. That’s why, no matter how unsustainably we must be living today, we all indispensably love the vast clear sky full of stars, and the green mountains, and clear seas. Our deep love for pristine nature comes from the deep truth of Oneness.

On the outside, it is the planet that we all share. On the inside, the Oneness of the soul!

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