Ethical rating of e-tail products in India

Earth-Ecological-FootprintConsumers have a right to have information about the social and environmental impacts of the products they consume. According to a survey by Globescan, people in developing countries including that of India are significantly more concerned about environmental and social justice than developed countries. Other surveys rate India as being among the top three Asia Pacific countries that have a strong affinity for eco-friendly products. Currently there is no platform in the Indian market where such ethical information is available to the consumers so that they can make more informed choices around consumption. Related to this, there is a need for a platform that compares various products and ranks them on the basis of their environmental, social, and health impact and provides this information in a user-friendly way through multiple channels (computers and smart phones) to help consumers make optimal choices. earth&us is seeking the expertise and collaboration of the UK organization Ethical Consumer to inform consumers about the social and environmental impact of e-tail products.

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