Shared Transport Service: Auroville

earth&us in collaboration with Auronet and Auro Cabs has started a not-for profit taxi service. Our goal is to reduce the cost of travel while reducing the environmental impact and traffic congestion. We can achieve this by consolidating rides and facilitating transport sharing.

It is estimated that 50 taxis go to Chennai everyday during peak season. Most of them heading for the Airport or Railway station for a pick-up or a drop. That is more than one Taxi every hour of the day.

This results in a monthly expense of 31 lakhs and carbon emission of  60,970 Kg

Therefore, our current focus is on a shared taxi service for travellers from and to Chennai, particularly to the airport. Once this is running smoothly,  we will expand this service to include different parts Chennai as well as Pondicherry. We will also focus on a two-wheeler service within Auroville and non-fossil fuel based transport.

We continue to encourage people to avail public transport options. However, when required, STS is an ideal alternative. The service will be most effective if we all use it as much as possible even when we are opting not to share it with anyone. This way the taxi can be utilized and shared by others at least one way, thus bringing down costs and carbon emissions. 

As of 21st Feb, Shared Transport Services (STS) has saved 22 taxi trips, approximately 1,031.8 kgs in carbon emissions and a minimum of Rs 22,000.

Thank you for your support! We can further reduce cost of travel, environmental impact and traffic congestion, if more taxi bookings are done through STS.

To book a taxi please visit or dial +91 413 2623 200, +91 413 2623 201, +91 8270512508