• Minhaj Ameen
      Minhaj Ameen

      Minhaj Ameen has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Manchester Business School. He spent his early career in management and finance consulting for Fortune 500 companies in the UK. 

Since his return to India, he has worked as a sustainability consultant in a number of areas including renewable energy, agriculture, making industrial estates less polluting and sustainable, waste management, environmental education and development of social enterprises in rural India. He joined the international town of Auroville in 2007 and actively works on promoting sustainable living with corporates and grass root organisations.

    • Gunjan Siddha
        Gunjan Siddha

        Gunjan has extensive experience in technology, project management and problem solving, in India and the US. Recently, he conducted a successful waste reduction campaign leading a team of 50+ student volunteers at Simhasth, Ujjain 2016, the biggest human gathering on earth. He has been an active proponent of all-inclusive development involving spirituality, yog, meditation and organic produce; development that is empathetic to nature, mankind and environment.

      • Puneet Bhatnagar
          Puneet Bhatnagar

          Puneet Bhatnagar is a branding and innovation expert with 24 years of experience. Puneet is trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). He developed the Tata Namak campaign – ‘Desh ka namak’ – and Kaun Banega Crorepati ad campaign – ‘Nau Baj Gaye Kyaa’. Recently, he developed the Behaviour Change campaign at Simhasth, Ujjain 2016.

        • Vijay Mathew
            Vijay Mathew

            Vijay Mathew has 10+ years of experience in management consulting and is primarily responsible for project execution and implementation at earth&us. He has previously worked with industry-leading companies delivering tailored consulting projects on specific growth strategies related to vertical market and geographic expansion as well as product and market positioning.

          • Bindu Mohanty
              Bindu Mohanty

              Bindu Mohanty, Ph.D, is a writer, educator and sustainability consultant based in Auroville, which is internationally acclaimed for its sustainable initiatives. As a consultant, she has worked in the fields of rural development and waste management. As an educator, she has served as senior faculty for an international study-abroad program, facilitated workshops, and helped in curriculum development. She is passionate about social transformation and the evolution of consciousness on earth and is at her happiest, when she out in nature.

            • Nidhi Gupta
                Nidhi Gupta

                Nidhi Gupta is an architect with a post graduate degree in Environmental Architecture. Her post graduate research focused on “Life Cycle Energy Analysis of Building Envelope Materials”. ​​She also holds a G.LLB (General Law) degree from Government Law College. She has an overall ten years of work experience. She has extensively worked in the field of sustainability consulting with Environmental Design Solutions in Mumbai for seven years. She is well versed with solar passive building design, renewable & alternative energy systems, day lighting, energy simulation, life cycle assessment, health and well-being in indoor environments, sustainable portfolio management and alternative building materials & technologies.

              • Tushita Singh
                  Tushita Singh

                  Tushita has an MSc in Ecology and Environmental Sciences from Pondicherry University. She is very passionate about nature and enjoys trekking and other adventure sports. After 5 years of work experience in various fields, she is now volunteering in Auroville.



                • Krishna Vijayan
                    Krishna Vijayan

                    Krishna Vijayan completed his bachelor’s degree in commerce, he started working with Amrutdhara, which promotes water dispensers  for reducing  the usage of plastic water packets and bottles, he then joined earth&us after this, his role in earth&us is as a  project assistant  and  part of the Admin staff as well, one of Krishna’s passion is his love for the game of Basketball

                  • Aishwarya Dattani
                      Aishwarya Dattani

                      Aishwarya has a degree in Performing Arts, English Literature and Psychology. She has always been deeply passionate about the arts and about working to make a difference. She arrived in Auroville soon after her graduation and started to volunteer with various units to explore her interests and strengths. She has always had a leaning for the liberal arts and is currently working in Auroville until she discovers the field of study that resonates with her the most.

                    • Sahil Patni
                        Sahil Patni

                        Sahil has 4 years of consulting experience in the US financial services industry in the domains of project (and risk) management, organizational development, and current / future state business assessments. In 2015, he transitioned into the development sector with an MA in sustainable development practice from TERI University, which has provided him grounding in both academic discourse and practice of sustainability. During 2016, Sahil conducted research in the rural areas of Odisha and Sikkim, and also a research project in Auroville. His major interest lies at the intersection of development paradigms and consumerism.

                      • Gargi Das
                          Gargi Das

                          Gargi Das graduated in Business Administration  and completed her Master’s in Women’s Studies from Gauhati University. Presently a Research Scholar in the Department of Women’s Studies of Gauhati University; she joined earth&us as a Program Administrator for an Internship Program on Sustainable Living.