About earth&us

We are based in Auroville, an international township in south India, which is widely acclaimed for its achievements in promoting environmental sustainability and social development.

earth&us was born out of a passion for promoting sustainable living through trans-disciplinary research and action. We believe that leading a fulfilling life is possible without consuming the finite resources on the planet in the process.

We are driven by the imperative need to inculcate values that lead to a cultural shift; and develop underlying support systems that make living sustainable and fulfilling lives possible in an equitable and just way not just for mankind but for all living beings thus recognising the interdependencies in the ‘web of life’. For us, the journey towards this essentially entails sustainable production and consumption, with ‘sustainability’ not being a vague, feel good term but a concept that can be measured and rated. Also critical in our vision is reduction in consumption of resources that inherently do not add to the quality of life and make simple living fashionable and desirable again.

By bringing positive attributes from the corporate sector such as commitment, professional skills and efficiency, we believe we can accelerate the transition/shift that is critical for the survival of mankind.


We are looking for Projects executive (1), Project Puchki Associate (1), Graphics designer (1), Ethical Consumer Rating Associate (1), 
Sharing Solutions Associate (1) and Project Interns. Suitability for one of these roles will be determined based on skills, experience, commitment, the ability to take on responsibility and the capacity to deliver.

Key Qualities

  • Clarity of thought that promoting sustainable living and wellbeing is your present calling and willingness to give a bit of yourself to achieve your calling
  • Real life experience as to what it means to work in complex projects with ever changing dynamic
  • Ability to write well and communicate effectively
  • Ability to work independently and take responsibility
  • Ability to comprehend complex problems and visualise their multiple threads. And capacity to work on multiple threads simultaneously
  • Analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Embracing the spirit of a start-up/consulting and being a stem-cell that takes on responsibilities as required by the project and earth&us
  • Willingness and aptitude to learn new things including productivity tools and new domain areas in sustainability and wellbeing
  • Basic understanding of sustainable living and key issues we are facing on the planet
  • Care and compassion for the larger you that is the planet
  • Commitment to ‘walk the talk’ by ‘being the change you want to see in the world’


We offer an unmatched opportunity for learning and growth and a platform to fulfill your calling. The compensation would be matching the profile and your skills and experience.


If you are curious to know more and/or wish to apply, please write to Min at minhaj@earthandus.org  with your CV, Skype ID and phone number or contact him on 091 596 75 955 / 094 867 50 671

Roles Description

All roles entail a fair amount of travel, with the locations depending on the project. Remuneration is on the basis of the profile and experience of the applicant. We welcome interested applicants who are willing to commit to our team and living in Auroville for a minimum of 6 months to 1 year.


Projects executive
Key responsibilities:

  • Opportunity to work on multiple projects by shadowing and learning from senior staff.
  • Produce reports and other communication material by collecting and analyzing information
  • Liaise with stakeholders to assist with communication and project management
  • Planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and travel.
  • Assign tasks to other members and following up on results.
  • Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Skills and qualifications:
Writing skills, reporting skills, Microsoft Office skills, organizational skills, effective time-management abilities, presentation skills and background knowledge of the sciences.

Project Puchki Associate
Project Puchki is an initiative to create awareness among children in rural schools about soil conservation, water conservation and menstrual hygiene management (MHM).
earth&us has currently partnered with ONGC to execute this project. The schools are selected by ONGC in 7 states – Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Meghalaya, Odisha, Tripura and West Bengal. It is hoped that this programme will extend to other regions and states
Key responsibilities:

  • Enhance the training materials to make it interesting and more impactful for behaviour change for sustainable living
  • Adapt the training material to local context and needs
  • Recruit interns from local colleges and train them to conduct awareness sessions with children in rural schools
  • Track interns’ progress and guide them
  • Produce reports and other communication material such as short movie to showcase field work to various stakeholders
  • Liaise with stakeholders to assist with communication and project management

Skills and qualifications:
Good understanding of environment and sustainability and willingness to learn more.
Ability to recruit interns and organise training programmes
Ability to manage interns and other stakeholders
Ability to communicate and liaise with various stakeholders
Ability to create presentable reports by using Microsoft Office

Graphics designer
Key responsibilities:

  • Create visual content for websites and social media.
  • Update information based on recent projects and initiatives of the organization
  • Capture team activities and translate them into organization ‘story’ and resources
  • Create creative content and project outputs like newsletters, white papers, posters, manuals, presentation templates, reports and related materials that are customized

Ethical consumer rating Associate
earth&us is working on creating a sophisticated and scalable ethical rating standards based on world class information and assessment tools. The standards will be developed and managed by an independent national institute.
Key responsibilities:

  • Put together a compelling proposal for various donors
  • Assist in developing the rating methodology
  • Apply for funding to various funding agencies

Skills and qualifications:
Good understanding of environment and sustainability and willingness to learn more.
Ability to put together a large proposal and apply for funding at national and international agencies
Ability to forge partnerships with key stakeholders and partners
Deep understanding of LCA and data management systems
Strong MS Office Skills

Sharing solutions associate
earth&us is developing sharing solutions for Auroville community to reduce material consumption, promote sustainable living and foster collaboration and solidarity within the community. The long-term aim is to learn from these initiatives and refine them to develop replicable models for India in particular.
Presently we are working on initiatives such as a Shared Taxi Service STS and Auroville Library of Things (ALoT)
Key responsibilities:

  • Research on various such initiatives and document them to explore how they can be adapted to the Indian context
  • Write concept notes for various initiatives
  • Identify and liaise with key stakeholders
  • Help launch initiatives
  • Lead in managing and operating the initiatives

Skills and qualifications:
Good understanding of environment and sustainability and willingness to learn more.
Ability to put together a concept papers
Ability to forge partnerships with key stakeholders and partners
Ability to manange and opearte complex community based intitiatives
Strong MS Office Skills

Project Interns
To work on research and data analysis of project specific needs in the fields of Environment and Sustainability, Solid and Liquid Waste Management, Sanitation, Behaviour change and consumption, and developing tools/methodology for study designs. Interns are expected to work on outcome-based short term tasks for minimum 1-2 months, working closely with the Project team and getting hands-on experience in social development sector in India.