Happiness and well-being

“Happiness is a deep sense of flourishing, not a mere pleasurable feeling

or fleeting emotion but an optimal state of being.” – Matthieu Ricard

Being happy is not just about feeling good, research shows that it also makes us healthier, more productive – and nicer. It has been the pursuit of each human in his/her life in varied ways to find long-lasting happiness that also positively impacts the close ones around them.

earth&us has been curating learning experiences for individuals and groups for over 3 years now. The team has developed and delivered training sessions from half a day to 2 weeks for participants ranging from corporate staff to government staff to young graduates who have consistently found our training to be transformative and relevant in their lives. We practice what we preach, thus are able to deliver sessions with integrity.

To help people discover their inner happiness and  strengthen habits to live a happier life, we plan to have a 2-day retreat. It will be focused on first entailing different human values and emotions that tie in together to generate the sensation or feeling of long term happiness and satisfaction, and then via relevant exercises showcase how they can be incorporated in our lives. The facilitators thus will leverage the environment powered by researched-modules that focus on habit building for productivity and finding purpose in life for attaining long-term happiness.

Happy-sapiens workshop video