Facilitator’s Guide to Environmental Sustainability (FGES)

FGES has been designed to assist both, experienced or inexperienced facilitators who are interested in working with children for the theme of environmental sustainability. It provides you with the essential modules, list of materials and guidelines to conduct the sessions effectively.

Our Objective
The overarching objective of FGES is to create a consciousness amongst children about the idea of sustainable living and to equip them to take up roles of environmental responsibility for a better tomorrow.

The modules on Water Conservation, Soil Conservation and Menstrual Hygiene Management have been developed to help the children understand the importance of water and soil conservation in their daily lives and to be better informed about the safe and environmentally sustainable menstrual hygiene practices.

We believe that this engagement with the children will create a learning space for them to understand the significance of sustainable living and thus will allow them to spread awareness amongst others in their community, together forging a future of conscious consumers.

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Project Puchki: Session on Happiness by earth&us team

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Interns working with school children

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